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IBC Online Services - Website Packages

IBC Online Services is a Hong Kong based web design company creating custom websites for companies of all sizes.

Every great business idea takes wings with the launch of a professionally designed website and because the Internet has redefined the way business is transacted your website is the gateway to these business opportunities.

A verifiable online presence has become indispensable for every company - to lead its competition and to secure a dominant position in the industry. It’s not only important to reflect the business strategy of a company through its website but, it is equally important to engage your potential customers and partners into conversation.

IBC Online Services can provide complete turnkey multiple language solutions for your website development with website design packages starting from less than HKD 5,000 that include:

Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is incredibly important as it is the address of your website (URL) which your clients will use to locate you. IBC Online Services will be pleased to work with during the process of selection and will then register the domain name of choice as part of our service.


Every website needs a host to keep it online and each hosting service provides different levels of web space (room for your website) and bandwidth (limits amount of access). IBC Online Services will, as part of the website development service, manage the hosting for you to ensure that your website will have maximum uptime and not suffer from the hosting errors that some websites endure because of a poor hosting service provider.

E-mail Accounts

Each website comes with several e-mail accounts if required. Your unique e-mail address will be based on your very own domain name, i.e., and can be accessed via web browser or most standard e-mail programs. IBC Online Services will happily talk you through the process of adding the new account to your Microsoft Outlook or Windows Mail software.

Graphic Design

Whether or not you have a design in mind your website will most likely require the creation or development of images designed for the web. IBC Online Services will be happy to design your graphics and, where necessary, purchase at the best price graphics on your behalf. During the design phase we will develop website templates and work with you so that you can make the right decisions for your website. We will talk you through accessing your e-mail accounts, understanding traffic analysis and anything else technical you would like to know.

HTML / CSS / PHP / Flash

Behind each website there is a great deal of ‘coding’. Providing updates for websites which have been designed by other companies reveals that some companies have bad, or out of date coding practices. At IBC Online Services each website is checked against the standards outlined by the W3C (the key Authority on web design codes of practice). We use quality approved HTML and CSS throughout, and can provide extra functions with the use of PHP script and Flash devices. If you want a comments page where users can submit information or a form which sends the results to yourself by e-mail we will provide you with that service.

Search Engine Friendly + Optimization

No web design company is able to guarantee search engine results however what a web designer can do is to make sure that each website is user friendly without blocking the search engine ‘spiders’ or ‘bots’. Making sure that the website is available across each browser, using non-deprecated tags, taking into consideration the needs of the disabled; all factors that will help make your website more search engine friendly.

Traffic Analysis

So how often is your website being visited and what are the people that access your site doing while they are there. IBC Online Services provide a comprehensive analysis of all website-traffic, which is then detailed to each client, outlining and explaining the number of hits / visits / downloads and more.


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