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IBC Online Services- Managed Data Backup & Recovery Service

Data security is of utmost importance as it is the lifeline of any organization and is critical for maintaining its business continuity. The IBC Online Managed Data Backup & Recovery Service safeguards this critical data by automatically backing it up so that it can be recovered in the event of system failures, user errors or events such as theft or fire.

While in recent years the volume of data produced by organisations has seen a sharp increase methods of backup remain largely archaic making them vulnerable to internal and external threats. These conventional backup methods usually involve copying files from one hard drive to another drive or media - like tapes, CDs and DVDs and in most cases require manual intervention at each step.
With the IBC Online service backups to both local and offsite media are scheduled to occur automatically and critical data is transmitted to the ‘offsite’ data centre without the need for human intervention. All data is encrypted on transmission and while in storage to ensure its security.

Backups are monitored by the IBC Support Team and should a backup fail we will inform the user and work with them to resolve the issue to ensure that all data is backed up according to the backup plan. Data stored on the IBC ‘offsite’ servers is not deleted unless the user chooses to remove it so making it the ideal solution for small businesses with large backup needs.

Production of the Data Backup Plan

The Data Backup plan details the procedures and mechanism by which data will be backed up and recovered.
The key elements covered by the plan are:


  • Determining who can backup and restore data; Typical configurations are:
    • User only can backup and restore data
    • User and administrator can backup and restore data; only administrator can delete data from the backup device
    • Only the administrator can backup, restore and delete data

Data Backup Requirements

  • Data Classification: Classifying the importance of the data will determine where the data needs to be backed up, how it should be backed up and when it should be backed up. Critical data (such as financial data, databases, etc) will take priority.
  • Rate of Data Change: Files which are in constant use will be identified and backed up using a separate backup set to those that only change occasionally.
  • Data Restoration Period: Files which are critical to daily operation will be identified and an order of priority will be determined for restoration.

Backup and Restoration Procedures

  • Determining backup types for different data sets; Full, Incremental, Differential, etc.
  • Determining backup schedules for different data sets; daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Ideally data backups will be carried out at off-peak hours when system usage is low, however due to the type of data being backed up this may not always be possible. Consideration will be given as to when key system data is to be backed up.
  • Data restoration testing. A testing mechanism for ensuring that data which has been backed up can be recovered will be built into the plan.


The IBC DataBank client software will be installed and configured on each machine that needs to be included in the backup schedule, desktops, laptops and servers.

Backup Monitoring

Each machine that has been included in the backup schedule will send a copy of the backup log to every time a backup occurs. In the event of a problem occurring with a backup then appropriate action will be taken to resolve the issue.

The IBC Online data backup service provides:

Local Backup
Local backup to any drive or storage device (including disk imaging), Backup jobs include integrity checks and validation; Full recovery from any data disaster

Online Backup to our Hong Kong Data Centre
With the use of an online account your data is protected even in the event of an onsite disaster as recommended best practice by IT specialists



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