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Every day companies lose critical data due to computer crashes, Internet malware, theft or even vandalism. The IBC DataBank Online Backup service allows you to mitigate this risk by using your Internet connection to securely send your files offsite to the IBC DataBank remote backup servers located at our secure world-class data centre. Files are encrypted to ensure security and are available for you to restore as needed at anytime.

We offer peace of mind for you as an individual, an employer or employee and provide an essential business continuity measure for your business in the case of a disaster.



Control Your Costs

As an on demand low cost service our subscriptions can be varied or terminated at any time.

Our subscriber plans are simple, flexible and priced to be competitive for a single or for multiple machines and server based systems. They can be expanded and tailored to accommodate your growth, providing a cost effective alternative to maintaining in-house systems.

Business Continuity

Data backup is an essential requirement for any business that uses and relies on computer based systems for business critical functions.

Secure off site storage of that data to remote backup servers is not just a prudent means of business protection as it is now something that your customers expect and may actually demand as part of your IT capability.

Restore your data online from anywhere at anytime.

Disaster Recovery Backups

Complete Backup of your entire system

Create a back up Boot disk to allow your system to re-start after a complete failure

Web Restore

Using the Web interface your data can be recovered from any location at anytime



Online Backup

Online Backup to our Hong Kong world-class, fully redundant data centre using your Internet connection.

Your online backup data is securely stored on our remote backup servers using powerful encryption.

Intelligent Incremental Backup - Each time you perform an online backup, IBC DataBank compresses your data and transmits only the changes and additions.

The powerful Auto- Scheduling built into IBC DataBank backs up your data automatically.

Version retention allows you to restore previous versions of your files.

Local Backups

Local backup to just about any device, including tape, disk, NAS or DVD.

You can choose what data you want to backup. Backing up and restoring is so simple, anyone can do it.

Online and local backups can be configured independently.

Backup your data files, your MS Exchange email store and your SQL databases safely and easily.

Staged Back-ups

For the initial upload we can accept data from other mobile / external storage devices and stage the upload for you at high speed


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